Stats Questions

  1. That's a lot of numbers... how do I use the data in the Annals to perform better at tournaments?
    There are too many good answers to this, but the simplest is to use the default settings (3 months of data) and see what factions are popular right now. Make sure that whatever deck you're planning on playing is ready for the most popular decks in the field.
  2. What in the blazes is a QR / Qualification Ratio, and why is it log2 transformed?

    A qualification ratio is a way to represent a faction/agenda's performance. If a faction is more common in the cut (by %) than in the field, it's overrepresenting and will have a postive QR, while if it's more common in the field than in the cut, it's underrepresenting and will have a negative QR.

    Being log2 transformed does two things; it gives us a nice scale where "0" is a faction performing as expected, positives are overrepresented in the cut, and negatives are underrepresented. Secondly, it makes the magnitude of that difference more relevant; a faction doing twice as well as expected will have a QR of 1, while a faction doing half as well as expected will have a QR of -1 (equidistant from the expected "0").

  3. Is any of this data statistically meaningful/representative?
    No idea. Well, some idea - we get a chance to, in regionals season, see what kind of 'coverage' we have (What % of known tournaments report to the Annals), and while it varies by region significantly, it's upwards of 75%. The data (in that period) should easily be representative of the global meta as a whole. As for any specific comparison you're looking at, its relevance is much harder to gague - a first thing to look at is sample size. A specific agenda with a very high (or very low QR) is probably being distorted by being rarely played. For any slice of a pie or bar in a QR graph, you can mouse over it to see the sample size.
  4. What if I want to use the data you've collected?
    Go ahead; the data is for the use of the community. If you specifically need special access to the database, contact us through the contact us link at the bottom of the front page.

Entering Data in The Annals

Entering a new tournament is done through the "Add a Tournament" page. You will not be able to save an added tournament until any red-coloured "alerts" at the bottom are resolves (e.g. "tournament must have a name, must specify participants").
  1. There's got to be a better way than me manually typing in this whole tournament...
    Yup! If your tournament was run using "The Jousting Pavillion", you can import your tournament directly using the "Import from Jousting Pavillion" button in the "add tournament" window. You'll have to fill in a few of the dropdown menus, but that should be it. We're working on allowing import from FFG's "TOME" software. Otherwise, you'll have to type in things manually - but remember, you can tab through fields and hit the first (or first few) letter of any faction/agenda to bring it u.p ("st" brings up "stag, banner of the")
  2. The tournament isn't letting me set a top cut!
    You have to enter a number of players for you to be able to have a cut (and the cut must be smaller than the number of players participating)
  3. What do the categories "Casual", "Competitive" and "Premier" mean? Are they FFG's official categories?
    First, no - they are not FFG's official categories - and they're explained in a little more detail in text below the drop-down menu. Having "premier" tournaments only be National/Continentals and Worlds would make it a very small and statistically uninformative category most of the year. A casual tournament is intended to reflect most events held by a local meta; Game Night Kits, monthly tournaments, etc. A Competitive tournament is a Store-Championship level event or mid-sized unofficial event. A premier event is meant to reflect regionals, nationals, continental championships, as well as comparable events (e.g. "Road to Stahleck" or "Southeast Asia Circuit").
  4. My tournament was really small, should I bother adding it?
  5. I accidentally made a mistake in entering my tournament - what do I do?
    Anyone can edit an event within 3 days of its submission to the Annals. Simply find the tournament in the "Tournaments" page, and click "edit"! If you've missed your 3 day window, use the contact us link and we'll open up the submission to being edited again. If you've accidentally submited a duplicate record, just contact us and we'll sort it out.
  6. I only know the top cut, but not the standings of swiss ranked players - what do I do?
    The rankings of swiss players outside the cut won't be used in any of the data collection; just list all the other house/agenda/restricted in any order you like.
  7. I don't know the House/Agenda for a player - what do I do?
    Enter them as "unknown"
  8. What if we didn't use the same pairings in our cut as the form suggests?
    You can overwrite the existing pairings by writing in your own (1 Wins vs 2, for instance)
  9. What about Melee, and/or other alternate formats?
    The data collection for those is more complex, and (in many cases) generates less meaningful statistics (largely due to sample size) for the community at large, and aren't supported by this site. We do plan to support Melee once tournament rules are actually released, so we can base the data entry on something!