The Annals of Castle Black

The Annals of Castle Black is a community-driven repository for tournament records dating back to the 1st edition of the A Game of Thrones LCG(tm). As a user, the Annals allows you to browse current and historical data for Thrones events across the world. These data can be very useful for analyzing the meta-game – popular choices of decks, the latest over-performing factions. As the database is queryable, you can set custom parameters to 'define' the meta-game that interests you (e.g. Europe only? Only tournaments with 30 or more participants?). In addition to accessing pooled data, you can also browse individual tournament records.

However, this database is only useful if the data continue to be robust. This is entirely dependent on continued community participation in submitting tournament data. Please do your part to obtain and input data from tournaments you know of!

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History of The Annals

The Annals began as a project of Alex Hynes (Istaril)'s in 2014, inspired by the efforts of Will Lentz (Kennon) to collect regional stats for the 2C1C Podcast, followed by Bert (L1b3rtine)'s attemps to facilitate the process using a google spreadsheet in 2013. The first edition spreadsheets were seperated by FAQs, which at the time best defined the meta, and are still available here: 5.5, 5.4, 5.3.1, 5.2, 5.0, 4.2. When 2nd edition launched, the sheets were updated (archived here), but it was clear the google sheets model wouldn't be sufficient to match the growth of the game. With the help of James Evans (dRakk), the Annals was turned into a queryable database in February 2016, vastly improving its functionality. It wasn't long before even this structure was straining under the weight of submissions and queries, and with the help of Jason Wentworth (Coding) and Michael Henri Lamezec (Graphic Design), the Annals was re-relaunched into its current form, porting over all the data from the second edition versions since launch.

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